Property Manager

Property Manager

Location: Hull
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Job Description:

Job Title: Property Manager – Hull
The Property Manager is primarily responsible for the delivery of management services to a portfolio of residential and, where applicable, mixed-use buildings and estates. This role will be the direct interface with the Client/Freeholder and Leaseholders within their portfolio.
To develop and maintain a motivated and customer orientated service and ensure that service standards are achieved within the company policy, and that legislative and regulatory and best practice requirements are met.  
The Property Manager may, in cases of a large portfolio, have an assistant property manager to work alongside them and should endeavour to develop the individual’s skills for succession management.
Responsibilities & Duties
Property Inspections and Maintenance: Inspections and Reports
Finance: Budgets and Client Accounts
Insurance: Building, Directors and Officers insurance
Meetings: EGMs, AGMs, Directors’ and Residents’ meetings
Correspondence and Administration
Breaches of the Lease
Property Sales (Assignment of the Lease)
Property Inspections and Maintenance:
* Carry out periodic inspections of the property and prepare site reports for the client / landlord / residents’ committee / insurance company
* Ensure compliance with Health & Safety Regulations and maintain accurate records of Risk Assessments, their dates and planned frequency for re-inspection. Record on the Data Station system and take action upon the findings of the Risk Assessments
* Meet at the property with contractors to ensure the conditions of their contract are adhered to and inspect works after they have been carried out
* Arrange for the maintenance of all areas which are common to all lessees under the terms of the lease
* Arrange day to day items of repair and obtain two quotations for all works costing over £250 prior to the works being commenced (except in the case of emergency)
* Arrange provision of additional items (signs, lights etc) required by the development) subject to the terms of the lease
* Arrange maintenance of external and internal decorations
* Arrange maintenance of plant and equipment
* Arrange maintenance of lighting installations, including re-lamping
* Monitor and maintain building management systems
* Arrange maintenance of water features
* Instruct other professionals (surveyors, engineers etc) as required and upon client instructions
* Arrange car park management
* Arrange refuse collection management
* Arrange testing of lifting equipment and abseiling points
* Arrange cleaning of all areas including facades
* Arrange training of site staff
* Arrange lightning conductor inspections
* Arrange out of hours emergency repair service if agreed with client
* Arrange periodic inspections of plant and machinery by competent persons
* Prepare and keep up-to-date records of Planned Preventative Maintenance Schedules  
* Ensure that Management Agreements are in place for all clients and developments
* Prepare budgets for each property within the portfolio and prepare notes of explanation for each property within the portfolio and ensure they are complete and approved two weeks prior to the billing period
* Liaise with clients / landlords to agree the service charge budget
* Provide background detail and financial information to enable the service charge budgets to be agreed
* Assist the Client Accountant with preparation of the clients’ annual accounts and liaise with the clients / landlords / leaseholders on the content of the prepared annual accounts
* Assist Accounts with preparation of audit packs
* Obtain approval for all client costs in excess of £250
* Answer residents’ queries on service charges
 * Instruct Credit Control to advise lessees of their liability for payment under the terms of the lease
* Liaise with Credit Control to report on progress of recovery of service charges to the client / landlord
* Liaise with the Accounts teams in the production of requests for payment, service charge debtors, accounts production and all other accounting processes as agreed
* Ensure that the developments, including common areas, in the portfolio are fully insured, including property owners’ and employers’ liability cover (if applicable) to their full value and that the premiums are paid promptly
* Ensure that all Plant & Machinery is insured against any sudden or unexpected damage and ensure that periodic plant inspections are carried out to comply with statute
* Ensure that the Directors of Residential Management Companies have, or are offered, Directors & Officers Insurance
* Ensure that the Directors of Residential Management Companies have, or are offered, Legal Expense Insurance
* Offer both types of Out of Hours Service to RMC clients
* Handle insurance claims and work with the Insurance Manager to ensure they are dealt with in a timely manner
* Attend First-Tier Tribunal (Property Chamber) Tribunals (LVTs) and County Court hearings as and when required to give evidence in support of the client’s (or HLM’s) position.
* Attend meetings on a regular basis as agreed with by the clients / landlords in accordance with the Management Agreement. (Meetings may be held outside standard working hours)
* Arrange with clients for the preparation of all meeting notes and action matters in accordance with the Management Agreement
* Liaise with RMC clients in arranging AGMs and prepare calling notices ready for issue.
* Attend AGMs of RMC clients and EGMs as necessary.
* Circulate notes of meetings held with clients / landlords as agreed
* Circulate notes of meetings held with all residents’ committee and leaseholders
Correspondence & Administration:
* Correspond with clients / landlords / leaseholders and respond to residents’ queries within the HLM Property Management response time guidelines.
* Complete Lease Checklists for all properties
* Circulate the minutes of meetings in a timely manner
* Maintain a brought forward system to ensure timeliness of procedures
* Circulate correspondence to Lessees/Residents regarding Health/Safety, Fire Regulations, parking etc arising from reports or noted on site visits
* Carry out statutory consultation with the lessees, RMC and Residents Associations (if any) and fulfil all of the requirements of Section 20 Landlord & Tenant Act 1985 (as amended) in relation to all major works and all long term contracts as specified by the Act
* Advise on Company Law requirements in conjunction with the Company Secretariat Department
* Inform clients / landlords / leaseholders of their obligations in accordance with their Lease, Housing Acts and Landlord and Tenant Acts
* Advise management company directors on the extent of their authority and responsibilities
* Write to local estate agents in respect of unauthorised ‘Sale’ or ‘Letting’ boards
Breaches of the Lease:
* Liaise with the client / landlord where the terms of the lease are not being adhered to by individual resident/leaseholder
* Advise residents involved in respect of any breach of the lease and assist the Client on any matter relating to the terms of the property lease
* Write to adjacent property owners where trespass, nuisance or other problems are occurring from specific dwellings
* Assist with enforcement of the terms of the lease
* Liaise with the client’s appointed solicitor or the Professional Services Department where continual breach occurs
* Obtain alternative quotations for services as required by the clients / landlords and in compliance with the lease or other legal documentation in place at the property
* Carry out the interviewing, selecting, appointing and supervision of contractors, to include Estate/Building Manager, porters, cleaners, yardmen, estate operative, gardener, handymen, as applicable
* After checking the level of client funds to ensure they are sufficient to cover the works, instruct and liaise with surveyors/project managers in drawing up specifications for and the overseeing of major works projects and to be familiar with CDM regulations where appropriate
* Advise the relevant Administrator of any new contractors to ensure they are included in the Approved Contractors’ Database
* Provide contractors with a specification of works and work orders for all works to be carried out.
* Ensure that all contractors have appropriate Public Liability Insurance and comply with current Health and Safety requirements and check they are registered on the Contractor Database
Property Sales (Assignment of Lease):
Assist the Company Secretariat with queries
* Respond to complaints from lessees & clients in a timely manner.
* Assist Team Leader with Stage 1 complaints.
* Work with the Compliance & Complaints Resolution Manager to solve complaints proceeding to Stage 2
* Undertake all duties usually associated with leasehold property management, in accordance with agreed company procedures, the management agreements and the legal documentation in place.
* Carry out all duties within ARMA guidelines and RICS code of practice
* Ensure that FCA regulation guidelines are adhered to in all working practices and behave in accordance with these rules and Treating the Customer Fairly guidelines
* To complete all mandatory online training courses in a timely manner and to take part in optional training courses as considered appropriate by the Branch Manager
* Be courteous and professional in all dealing with clients, customers, contractors and general public
* Be punctual at all times and ensure that you are dressed in accordance with the Dress Code
* Actively seek to obtain new instructions for the Company
* Develop business relations with group members in order to maximise cross-selling opportunities
* Be an active team member; motivating and encouraging development of any assistants working with you in the management of your portfolio
* Endeavour to remain informed of new relevant legislation and best practice guidelines.
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